Three reasons to study applied computer science

For the third school year, the successful cooperation between the Košice IT company Syntax Systems Slovakia and the private high school Katkin Park in Košice in the field of API (Applied Informatics) continues. The aim of the participation of IT-teachers / lecturers is to enrich theoretical teaching with practical experience. The guys from Syntax bring first-hand information, which is very much appreciated by the students of the gymnasium. We contacted the headmistress of the gymnasium, Mrs. Martina Miskova, to tell us about further plans for this cooperation for the next period. And we will reveal that Martina is the winner of the prestigious Golden Amos award for this school year - the poll for the most popular teacher in Slovakia.
How do you evaluate the cooperation with Syntax and what has been achieved in 2 and a half years?

Is it possible to evaluate our cooperation in any other way than positively? Certainly not. We are successfully bringing the real IT world closer to students, which has been our goal from the beginning. We are always working on how to improve things. We are not content with the fact that we already have something that works very well. We want to make it even better and our students benefit even more from the collaboration.

The combination of theoretical teaching complemented by lecturers from practice sounds really good. How do teachers and students perceive this cooperation?

That’s more of a question directly to our students 🙂 Well, from my point of view, the combination of theory and practice is ideal. Not only are the lessons from the guys at Syntax different in their content, but also in the atmosphere they can create in the lessons. After all, it’s different when an expert from practice enters the teaching. Their contribution is invaluable.

Martina Miškovová, riaditeľka SGKP
The greatest added value for pupils?

Daily contact with work in the IT world. I think the pandemic has shown us that we cannot do without IT in the future, because it is almost impossible today. Our graduates are leaving ready for this “new” world. The fact that many of our graduates after graduation find their employment in the IT field, whether in the form of an internship alongside their studies at a differently oriented university, or whether IT has become their main focus, certainly reveals a lot.

What are your plans in this area (field) for the near future?

In the coming weeks and months we are planning two major activities. The first is the Syntax – Katkin Park Academy project, through which we want to bring our students even closer to the world of IT. Simply put, our API students will be actively “brigading” in the Syntax premises on real projects. They will experience the IT world first-hand.

The second project, which has been prepared primarily for our API students and with the understanding that we want to enrich and strengthen what they gain through their collaboration with Syntax, is the Erasmus+ project. This is a collaboration with an organisation in Germany, aimed at expanding knowledge in IT, for example in networking or smart home systems, and of course foreign languages.

What are three reasons a student who is thinking about studying API should prepare for, or what are three reasons why he/she should go for it?

An API student will receive excellent language training along with the best IT knowledge package to prepare them for entry into the IT world. In collaboration with Syntax, he/she will get an indispensable insight into the real world/life of an IT company. And ultimately, he will be prepared for today’s, digital age. He should prepare himself for a multitude of chances and opportunities to work on and improve himself. It’s then up to him how he takes advantage of these chances.

What can I say in conclusion? For all of you who are thinking about studying computer science, we have a simple message – API (Applied Computer Science) is no bogeyman. On the contrary, it will open doors to many companies and help you start a great career. For more information about this degree, visit www.sgcr.sk. Come on in, the doors of the Katkin Park Private High School in Košice are open to everyone who is interested in modern digital technologies and IT and wants to work on themselves at the same time.