We are expanding the circle of our CSR partners with additional talent

After the talents of HC Košice youth hockey and the great para-skier Saška Rexová, the circle of partners that our company supports through our CSR program called the #podporujemetalenty is expanding again. It is a similarly great talent, but this time in a less known sport – teqball. Let us introduce the Slovak representative in this sport – Adriana Kecerová, whom we asked a few questions.

Teqball – it’s like football, but on a special curved TEQ table, where it is played without hands. Tell us more about this new game!

Exactly! Teqball is a mix of football and table tennis, but without the hands. We play on a special table that is like a football field, only bent at the edges. It’s a challenge to keep the ball on the table without it falling on the ground!

How did you actually get “into it”?

I found out about teqball when I was playing football for 1. FC Tatran Prešov. I got an invitation to a training camp where we were offered to try teqball, but the camp didn’t take place because of covid. I managed to do it a little later at a college tournament for newcomers, where I tried this unconventional sport and it never made me want to quit. 

I can see that you quickly fit into this world. What fascinates you about it?

My previous experience with football gave me a good foundation. Courage was also a key factor. Without it, I would never have got there. Because, for example, when I took part in my first European tournament, I had only 6 training sessions under my belt. The best thing is that it’s incredibly fun and dynamic. I can use my soccer skills and go crazy on the field at the same time. 

Is it true that it all started in Hungary?

Yes, exactly! Teqball started in Hungary and now it’s spreading all over the world. It’s amazing to see how people from all over the world have fallen in love with the sport!

How does it compare to the football you used to play?

They are completely different things, but both are great. With soccer it’s more about running and fitness, whereas teqball is about technique and speed. But both are challenging and fun!

So, the future of teqball? Do we have another Olympic hopeful?

Absolutely! Teqball is growing and maybe one day it will make it to the Olympics. Players from Hungary, Brazil, Romania, Thailand and other countries are at the forefront. With the support of football stars like Ronaldinho, who took part in the first World Cup in 2020, the sport has huge potential. FITEQ, the International Teqball Federation, aims to take teqball to the Olympic Games. Given the growing popularity of the sport this is more than possible.

What are your personal goals or ambitions in teqball? 

I would like to achieve the best results in international tournaments and help promote teqball in Slovakia. I would also like to see teqball at the next Olympics and maybe be part of that historic moment!

Thank you Adriana for your answers and we wish her every success and maybe one day to participate in the Olympic Games in the colours of Slovakia.   

Robert Packan
Robert Packan

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