Cooperation with schools

In 2019, a collaboration with Private High school Katkin Park began. As part of our collaboration, a new course, Applied Computer Science, was created. The aim is to allow students to gain an overview of information technology in general, but also to experience IT technology in practice. Colleagues on a regular basis teach students in grades 2-4 and participate in end-of-school-year exams , as the subject has become a graduation subject. We have also cooperated or are cooperating with other schools, such as the Premonstratensian Gymnasium, where the subject of self-management was taught; or the Bernoláková Primary School in Košice, where we have been involved in several projects. We enable schools to make excursions to our branch and students to complete compulsory professional practice.

Assistance to Ukraine

After the outbreak of war in the Ukraine in 2022, everyone was aware of the importance of aid. In addition to material and volunteer assistance at the border or in refugee detention centres, our company developed cooperation with Mareena and the Centre for Mother and Child – Joy. We support their educational and leisure activities, but we also help if help is needed with moving, painting or other activities.

Fighting bullying

Bullying – a topic that needs to be talked about and raised awareness of. Projects such as Nedaj sa – Hovor o Tom, behind which are two graduates of the Private Conservatory, Zádielska 1, or the (Un)Safe Internet project, organised at the initiative of the headmistress of the primary school, Bernolákova16 in Košice, and prepared in terms of content and supported by colleagues, are proof of this. The projects were supported by material equipment, but also by assistance in the organisation of the events.