Katkin Park Private High School and Syntax: The Path to Success in Applied Computer Science

Collaboration that delivers results 

The cooperation between the Private High School Katkin Park in Košice and our company is in its fifth year and its fruits are excellent. The Applied Informatics programme has already led to the successful graduation of more than 50 talented students.

What is API (Applied Computer Science) and what do students learn?

This 4-year course of study meets similar criteria to those set for students at other grammar schools. However, it is supplemented by extended language teaching and, logically, by computer science and related subjects. The teaching team is suitably complemented by lecturers from Syntax, who bring, among other things, practical insights into problem solving. An important part of the cooperation is the internship in our company, where students gain invaluable experience directly in the company.

“The cooperation with Katkin Park Private High School is an opportunity for us to support one of the top high schools in the region and at the same time invest in the development of future computer scientists. The students will have an internship in our company, which significantly helps to develop their professional, communication and teamwork skills” – said Miňo Števkov, Managing Director of Syntax Systems, about the cooperation.

Students of applied informatics during practice in Syntax, on the photo with our lecturers – Peter Stašák (left) and Tomáš Friedmann (right).

Fun guaranteed

In addition to practice in Syntax, the study of API is complemented by many modern and attractive learning elements. Students have access to a 3D printer on which they can turn their ideas into the physical world. In addition, they learn how to manage virtual servers on Windows and Linux platforms, gaining the basics of programming and automation.

How to link theory with practice? It can be done! 

“Our goal is to create an environment at our high school for API students where their potential can be fully developed. That’s how we can most immerse them in the world of IT. To give them the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and connect that to the real world. Working with Syntax allows us to open the door to their successful futures in computer science. The results we have achieved speak for themselves. Our graduates are successfully continuing their studies in computer science at universities and some of them are already working in IT companies during their university studies” – added the director of the high school, Martina Miškovová.

30 years and a bright future

If you want an education that will prepare your child for the challenges of the digital world, join the two hundred students at Katkin Park Private High School in Košice. It will celebrate its 30th birthday next year. They are preparing great news for API students this school year, which we will inform you about in time 🙂