Syntax and the ’Nedaj sa, hovor o tom‘ project: a joint effort against cyberbullying

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our collaborations within the Syntax CSR programme,  ‘Nedaj sa, hovor o tom’ project. 

What is the Project ‘Nedaj sa, hovor o tom’?

This is an innovative programme for primary and secondary school students, the main aim of which is to raise awareness of the risks associated with bullying, whether in the real or online world, and to provide students with the tools to protect themselves from these threats.  

When and how did the project start?

The origins of the project and the partnership with Syntax date back to the pre-Covid times, but as it is an interactive performance in schools, the project had to wait for a more favourable period. It was a time when the content of the performances was mainly addressed and experts from the Centre for Counselling and Prevention (CPP) in Košice were consulted. Attractive (for young listeners) is the participation of influencers in the form of video testimonies. The premiere was in May 2022. Since then, the performances have been played in almost sixty schools across the country and have been seen by more than 15,000 pupils. The project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and is being realised in cooperation with the Police Force.

How is it implemented?

“Theater at school? Yes, you heard right. We have taken an innovative approach to education and are bringing theatre performances directly into schools. The theme of the first performance is bullying in general. The next one is cyberbullying, which is having its premiere these days. It was the employees from the Syntax Security Team – Marcel, Jan and Sveťo – who gave us expert information; they described situations that employees in IT companies also encounter and gave useful advice on online safety. The reactions of both students and teachers who are involved in the stories are excellent and this gives us a huge appetite and energy to continue” – Peter Dombrovský, co-author of the performances.

Join us! 

If you are interested in this topic, do not hesitate to contact the guys from the ‘Don’t give up, talk about it’ project via email: nedajsahovorotom@gmail.com, or via website www.nedajsa.sk and find out how you can be part of the programme.

We encourage all students, teachers and schools – Join us in the fight against cyberbullying and support education to help build a safer online environment for our children. Together we can make a difference!

Peter Dombrovský, Co – autor of project Nedaj sa, Hovor o Tom!

Andrea Tomusková, Syntax CSR Program Coordinator