Syntax Systems Slovakia – a way to invest in local community development

As an IT company based in Košice, Syntax focuses not only on responsible business activities in the field of information technology, but also on activities aimed at supporting the local community. It is its commitment to the locality and especially to the people in which it operates. The company therefore provides financial and non-financial support to sports, educational and charitable activities in and around the town.

Among the most important projects is the support of the HC Košice ice hockey team. The team has a long tradition in Košice and a great place in the hearts of local residents. Syntax’s support is not limited to financial contributions, but also includes active participation in the organisation and promotion of these events.

“It’s far from just about sponsorship. It is a sign of responsibility towards the city and its residents. For Syntax, supporting local activities and the values represented by the hockey club is an integral part of our business philosophy. It is important for us to be an active part of the local community and contribute to its development and prosperity” – said Milan Števkov, the company’s CEO, on the cooperation with HC Košice.

Fanúšikovia na v Steel Aréne

Employees of the company at the HC Košice home hockey match

In addition to supporting sport, Syntax is also involved in other projects. These include, for example, supporting education and non-profit organizations operating in the city and the surrounding area. It actively cooperates with the Private Gymnasium Katkin Park and the Mareena and Joy associations.

With its support, the company seeks to actively contribute to the creation of a healthy and dynamic local environment in which talents from the city and the surrounding area can find employment.

“We want to be an example in this area and to some extent an inspiration for other companies doing business in our region”, added Milan Števkov.

Víťazný duel HC Košice s tímom HKM Zvolen

Milan Števkov during the award ceremony for the best players of the match

Stanislav Mucha, marketing and PR director of HC Košice: “Syntax, its employees and their family members brought a lot of positive energy and the right “fan” attitude to the stands – we cheer for better or for worse, we have fun, it’s sport. At the same time, they were a great example and inspiration for other companies. The positive energy of the people in the stadium made the luck of the Kosice hockey sticks in the decisive moments and that’s why we won the title together. By supporting the hockey club, we also jointly support the only multifunctional stand in the region, without which we would not have any major cultural or sporting events in Košice. Let’s use the momentum of success, let’s rejoice together and let’s try to be inspired by Syntax and its great people. The nearest opportunity will be the sale of season tickets, the profitability of which has been fully demonstrated this season. My sincere thanks to Syntax, all its employees, and other like-minded partners.”