Future on ice: Syntax Slovakia and HC Košice in one team!

Hello hockey fans and tech enthusiasts! Today we have great news for you from the heart of eastern Slovakia, where the world of IT and hockey have come together in one great collaboration.

It’s no news that Syntax has been supporting the HC Košice A team for a long time. We have decided to go even further and this month we are starting to invest in our young talents.

Miňo Števkov a Miloslav Klíma

“Syntax is a part of our city and region and we are honored to support our great hockey players. However, the idea of investing in youth to help develop hockey talent is, quite frankly, something that excites us. We want to be a part of creating new stories and dreams for the young hockey players of HC Košice,” said with a smile the CEO of Syntax Slovakia, Milan Števkov.

And to reveal more about this exciting connection, the whole concept of the cooperation between Syntax Slovakia and HC Košice to support hockey youth is called Future on Ice. The name speaks for itself – it’s about investing in promising hockey talent and building a strong future for hockey in Košice. The concept of this cooperation is based on communication support from Syntax. Its aim is to make the work of youth coaches in all youth categories more visible.

The Executive Director of HC Košice, Miloslav Klíma, expressed his enthusiasm for this new cooperation: “It’s great to see how companies in our city see hockey not just as a sport, but as an investment in the future and the community. I believe that with the support of Syntax Slovakia we will be able to train even more skilled hockey players and take our organization to the next level.”

So let’s keep our fingers crossed together. We hope that with our support we can reach even more boys and girls in our city and discover even more diamonds among young hockey talents. We are proud to join HC Košice in one team!