We successfully implemented the “SAP on Azure” project

This year our guys have successfully covered one of the most challenging projects in the history of the Syntax branch in Košice. It was a migration of hosting and the entire infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud for a major Finnish company, whose core business is in the construction and building management. We approached them to give us a brief overview of this project, which was a big challenge for them, especially in terms of time.
What was the client’s request?

Modernize the existing SAP infrastructure using modern cloud solutions while optimizing the associated operational costs. An important aspect of the requirement was also to enhance the security of critical customer systems.

Specifically, this project involved 44 systems with a total data capacity of 80 TB. The computing power of the achieved solution is 454 CPU units and 3.7 TB of RAM.

Who entered the project as part of the group?

The whole project required the creation of a global project team. Multiple technical and non-technical positions worked together – project leader, architects, designers, cloud engineers, SAP engineers, migration experts and software engineers. Teams from Germany, Spain, India, Finland and Syntax from Košice collaborated on the project.

Which areas in the context of the project umbrella were the most challenging?

The biggest challenge was to meet the customer’s requirement regarding the timing of the individual components of the migration. The customer required all SAP systems to be migrated within 10 months in order to minimize downtime of production systems. The main production SAP system had to be migrated during one weekend.

What is the current status and future plans?

Currently, we are still in the process of optimizing the migrated systems and at the same time fine-tuning the day-to-day cooperation with other providers. In the future, we want to maintain high customer satisfaction and continue to expand our service offering.

We thank the guys for their time and willingness to prepare a brief summary of the project and wish them a smooth service and successful expansion of the services provided in the next period.

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